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Amazon UAE

Amazon is an American e-commerce site, founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994,
and is the world’s largest e-commerce store according to revenue and market value.

Amazon.com has a lot of affordable products available at the door of the house,
where the user can find and buy millions of products,
both domestic and international, and also allows sellers to put up and sell their products.

it began as a bookstore but later expanded to sell a wide range of consumer goods until it became a store that included all the necessities of life from food to furniture to cars and many other products,
and now it’s the world’s first in terms of reliability and customer satisfaction.

Amazon has acquired the Arabic successful store “Souq” and merged it with its brand to be Amazon UAE
and start serving the Arabian customer in a better way and afford its great prices through amazon coupons and other ways