Banggood Store

banggood is one of the most famous online shopping stores worldwide. banggood sells almost everything, in addition to offering its customers always the price that suits all categories, products of high quality and excellent services for shoppers.

banggood was founded in 2006 and at that time specialized in computer software research and later became an e-commerce specialist, a Chinese company with 4 offices in China, Hong Kong, Shenzhou, Hangzhou, Britain and the United States of America, and banggood Main Office in Guangzhou province of Bangdong, where more than 1,000 employees are engaged in customer service, banggood offers many products to consumers and reaches more than 150,000 products including mobile phones, watches, accessories, toys And more of the goods of the shop .

banggood’s payment methods include “credit card” and other means that make it easier for consumers to pay when they buy. The policy of exchange and withdrawal is easy and flexible for most of the products of the shop and lasts between 3 days.